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Registration to the list of voters of the Latin Community so that a person may acquire the right to vote

  1. The person who is interested to register as voter must be a Latin Catholic, i.e. he has been baptized by a Latin Catholic Church.
  2. The above interested person must present a Latin Catholic baptism certificate or acquire one from his parish priest.
  3. The said certificate must be presented to the Election Office of the Ministry of Interior. Also the applicant must complete the relative application so that he may be registered as a voter. He must present the Church certificate, the above application, two certified photographs and follow the instructions printed behind the application of the Election Office.
  4. The applicant must be a citizen of the Republicof Cyprus and permanent resident in Cyprus for at least six months.
  5. With his registration to the Election List of the Latin Community, the applicant automatically is registered as a voter for election every 5 years of the Representative of the Latin Community to the Parliament of Cyprus. He acquires also the right to vote candidates of political parties for the seat in Parliament.

In addition he acquires the right to become a candidate in elections as Representative of the Latin Community or as a candidate for political parties.

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