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Latin Catholics of Cyprus
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Churches of the Fraciscans

Church of the Holy Cross - Nicosia - Paphos Gate

It has been built over an old church built in 1596 and rebuilt in 1642. With the growth of the Latin Community it became imperative to rebuild it a second time. The first stone was set in place on April 8, 1900 and the church, which is the one in use today, was officially inaugurated on February 16, 1902, thanks to the financial assistance from the Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem and other notable benefactors and above all, by Queen Maria Christina of Bourbon, wife of King Alphonsus XII of Spain.


The interior of the church is in the Baroque style, and the designs on the ceiling are painted upon plaster. The marble which covers the high altar is of good workmanship, as is that on the auxiliary altars. The church consists of a central naive flanked on each side by four auxiliary altars. A modern cloister was added in 1961.



Churchof St. Catherine - Limassol 

The Latin church of the Franciscans dedicated “to the glory of God and in honor of St. Catherine” was built in 1872 by Fr. Francesco da Monghidoro of Bologna in the Baroque style. The walls of the apse and its vault are painted in neo Byzantine fresco and renovated in 1979.



Churchof St. Maryof the Graces - Larnaca

Built by Fr. Calixte Martel in 1596 for the pilgrims en route for the Holy Land. In 1724 a convent and a bigger church replaced the original one. In 1842 this church and convent were destroyed and replaced by the present one in a Renaissance and Baroque style. The architect, Fr. Serafino da Roccascalegna drew the plans of the church.



ChrisopolitissaChurchand Saint George - Paphos

Saint Demetrios Church - Polis

These churches belong to the Orthodox Bishopric of Paphos and were given for liturgies to the Latin Catholics and Anglicans.

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