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List of Historical Latin Medieval Monuments of Cyprus

by Dr. Sylvain Beraud

According to Brother Estienne de Lusignan there were in Nicosia 250 churches (Ref. Description de toute l’ Isle de Chypre. Paris 1580). It seems that this number appears improbable. We will limit to the churches existing now and monuments.




  • St.Sofia Cathedral (1217 – and completed November 5 1326) now a Mosque.
  • St. Nicholas of the Order of St. Thomas – now a Mosque.
  • Musée Lapidaire XV century House.
  • St.Catherine – fourteenth century.
  • The Famagusta Gate – 1567.
  • The Augustinian Church.
  • St. John of Bibi of the Benedictine Order – today the Orthodox Archbishopric, or Church of St. John. The Benedictine left the island in 1426. Repaired by Arch. Nikephoros in 1655.
  • Venetian Walls surrounding Nicosia – 1567.
  • The Benedictine Abbey of Our Lady of Tyre – thirteenth century. Today Armenian Church.
  • St.George of the Latins. Turkish bath now.



  • Sea Gate and Land Gate – 1496.
  • The Great Hall – fourteenth century.
  • St.Nicholas Cathedral – 1308.
  • Venetian Palace– 1552.
  • Church of St. Francis– fourteenth century.
  • Church of St. Peterand Paul - (1358-1369).
  • Church of St. Anna.
  • CarmeliteChurch of St. Mary of Carmel – fourteenth century.
  • Martinengo Bastiona and Venetian Walls.
  • Churches of the Templars and Hospitallers – fourteenth century.
  • St.George of the Latins – thirteenth century.



  • St.Roch Church.



  • Fortress built in the fourteenth century.



  • The Castle – (1192-1211).
  • Kerynia range of mountains: St. Hilarion (or Dieu d’ Amour), Kantara and Buffevent Castles built over Byzantine ruins in the thirteenth and restored in the fourteenth century.
  • Abbaye de la Paix – Bellapais: Cloister and Church – fourteenth century.



  • Nothing remains of the Latin Cathedral except some ruins.



  • Royal Chapel of Janus de Lusignan – 1421.



  • Castle built by the Templars and Hospitallers – thirteenth, fourteenth century.





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"Description de toute l’ Isle de Chypre", Paris 1580.


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