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Terra Santa College

Terra Santa College was established in old Nicosia in 1646 as a centre of education for the residents of the island. It was a beam of light during the dark Turkish domination.


The school also continued its operation during the British Colonial period. The English allowed the school to be active and extent its activities to secondary education.


In 1955 Terra Santa is transferred to new school premises in the heights of Saint Paraskevi, in Acropolis, where it is situated today.


In 1971 Terra Santa enters a new sector of activity, the pre-primary education and in the same year Terra Santa’s kindergarten is established, serving children above 3 years old.


The school also includes a specialized classroom for computer studies, science and chemistry laboratory, library, theatre, cinema theatre, basketball, handball and football grounds etc.


Terra Santa College is systematically informed about the developments in the educational field and provides pioneering educational programmes for its students for scientific disciplines, accountancy and computers.


The personnel of the College are well-qualified graduates of American, English and Greek Universities, highly competent in their individual fields.




Lykourgou 12,

Acropolis, 2001 Nicosia

Tel: 22421100, Fax: 22317565

Email: terrasantacollege@cytanet.com.cy

Website: www.terrasantacy.com



Operational Programme of the College



Terra Santa College is a secondary educational school and provides a recognized diploma by the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.


The diploma of the school gives the graduates the possibility to take the examination for admission in the Cyprus University and the Higher Education Institutes in Greece.


The diploma of the school is also accepted by all the Italian Universities. It’s unnecessary to state that is also accepted in the American and English Universities.


Apart from Greek and Italian, every other lesson is taught in English language; while from the academic period 2007-2008 courses in Greek and Italian languages have been strengthened.

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