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Latin Catholics of Cyprus
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4th Latin Community Newsletter

Dear Latins,


As a Representative of the Latin Community, I will be participating in a round table discussion titled: "The Religious Groups: Interreligious dialogue as an effective tool for promoting peace" which will be organised by the University of Cyprus and NGO AEQUITAS. 

This will be in English at the University of Cyprus on the 2nd of March at 18:00 (B108 Leventis Building).

You are welcome to attend and I would be glad to see you there.


It is my pleasure to update you as follows:


1. “The Latin Centre”: After a long process, the government has given us the use of a house near Famagusta Gate for small events and exhibitions promoting our Community. The house is currently being renovated and I will be providing you with more information shortly.


2. Participation in Events: The Latin Community was represented at: United Nations Day, Event organised by the Cyprus Sport Organisation and the Opening Ceremony for Paphos 2017- European Capital of Culture.


3. Seminar on Gender Equality: The Commissioner of Gender Equality, Mrs. Iosifina Antoniou, organised a seminar where women’s associations presented their targets. It was a great opportunity to be informed about other women’s organizations since I aim to create the Latin Women’s Organization.


4. New General Director at Terra Santa College: I would like to congratulate the Reverend Father Zacheusz on his appointment as the new Director General and to wish him every success in his new role.


5. Fundraising: Congratulations to the following for their hard work in organising successful Christmas fundraising activities:

St Antony’s Bazaar Nicosia: Euro 1300.00

St Catherine’s Limassol Bazaar & concert: Euro 2000.00

St Joseph’s Convent Larnaca: Euro 1200.00 from Christmas dinner & Euro 670.00 from bazaar

St Joseph’s Convent Bazaar Nicosia: Euro 4000.00

Christmas Carols Concert by “AGAPI”: Euro 981.00

Paphos Parish organised their usual bi-monthly fundraising Sunday lunches also in December


6. “AGAPI”: A new non-profit volunteer Association, “AGAPI”, was registered in December by members of the Latin Community to support the poor and vulnerable in Limassol.


7. Meetings concerning the Latin Community

A) Leaders of the Political Parties: Following my election as Latin Representative, I met with the Leaders of the Political Parties to introduce myself and exchanged views regarding issues which concern the Latin Community in view of the negotiations of the Cyprus problem.

B) Ambassador Mr. Andreas Mavroyiannis Negotiator for the Cyprus Problem: I met the Negotiator to introduce myself and to be informed about the negotiations of the Cyprus problem and present the views of the Latin Community.

C) Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Secretary for Relations of States of the Holy See: During his visit to Cyprus I had the opportunity to inform him regarding the Latin Community and discuss with him the positions and views of our community regarding the Cyprus problem.

D) Minister of Education and Culture Dr. Kostas Kadis: The meeting focused on the aims and priorities I have set as Representative. The Minister was supportive of the needs of the Latin Community. Also present at the meeting was the Coordinator for Religious Groups at the Ministry Dr. Kyprianos Louis.


With my best regards,
Antonella Mantovani

Digital Heritage Research Lab Europeana

«Behind us is the memory of our fathers,
in front of us are the eyes of our children!»

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