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Upgraded the Role of the Representatives Latin’s, Armenian and Maronites at the House of Representatives

The Representatives of the Latin, Armenian and Maronites after a long period of negotiations with Legal adviser, General Attorney, Political Leaders and the President of the Parliament the Law: Religious Groups (Representation) Law of 1970 to 2011 was modifying and adopted from all the political parties on the 7th of April 2011 at the House of Representatives.


The main reason for modifying the law is to improve the participation of the Representatives of the Religious Groups in the legislative and government decision process in issues that affect the Religious Groups.

  1. In the decision level process the government and the parliament need to have the opinions of the three representatives. There opinion has to taken seriously from the parliament and the government during the decision process for maters that affect the religious groups. In case that their opinion/suggestions will not be adopted the parliament or the government needs to inform the Representatives in written form.
  2. The Representatives need to be informed before the process of discussion or decisions for matters that affect the Religious Group that they represent.
  3. The Representatives suggestions/opinions for matters that affect their Religious Groups will be included in the report that the committee of the parliament or the government prepares.
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