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Latin Catholics of Cyprus
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Exhibition "The Latins of Cyprus" by the House of Representatives– in Nicosia at Castelliotissa Hall 10-16 October 2019 and in Limassol 28 July-19 October 2020

The exhibition "The Latins of Cyprus", which was hosted at Nicosia’s Castelliotissa Hall in October 2019, included historical and photographic material as well as various objects connected to the long presence of Latins in Cyprus.


As part of a series of events celebrating 60 years of the establishment of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus, the exhibition “The Latins of Cyprus” that was presented in October 2019 at Castelliotissa Hall in Nicosia, has been recreated in Limassol. The exhibition in Limassol is also available in the English and Italian language.


Starting from the periods of Frankish and Venetian rule in Cyprus, the exhibition presents the establishment and history of the Latin Catholic Church in Cyprus, the construction of churches and fortifications, the Latin influence on Orthodox church  architecture as well as the important influence of Latin languages on the Cypriot dialect and local place names.


In addition, a large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the dynamic contribution of members and organised groups belonging to the Latin Catholic Community in the fields of education, social welfare and philanthropy.


For the preparation and presentation of the exhibition in both Nicosia and Limassol, material was used that was generously provided by the Phivos Stavrides Foundation -Larnaca Archives, the archives of Terra Santa College, of St. Mary’s School, of St. Joseph’s Catholic Schools in Larnaca and Nicosia, by the Order of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition, as well as from private collections.

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«Behind us is the memory of our fathers,
in front of us are the eyes of our children!»

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