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Exhibition by Visual Artists of the Latin Catholic Community

On 10th November 2018 an Exhibition of 14 Visual Artists of the Latin Community took place at the Municipal Cultural Centre Panos Solomonides in Limassol.


The exhibition was organized by the Representative of the Latin Community at the House of Representatives, Mrs. Antonella Mantovani and Limassol Municipality. The inauguration was officiated by the Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Nicos Nicolaides.


Mrs. Mantovani in her opening speech mentioned the basic goals of the visual arts exhibition:

  • On the one hand to highlight the active presence and the dynamic role of the Latin Catholic Community in modern Cypriot society
  • And at the same time to provide artists belonging to the Latin Catholic Community with an opportunity to present their work


The participating artists were:


From Limassol

  • Andrea Gyorok Mina
  • Isabel Frantzi
  • Katerina Savvides
  • Kiara Tsokkou Timm
  • Maryam Abdi
  • Monica Phitidou
  • Rufina Muslimova
  • Anthony Madella (construction of model replica of French sailing ship)


From Nicosia

  • Anna Plousiou
  • Gloria Errasti-Papadouri
  • Maria Candelaria Agathangelou
  • Jeannine Bayada
  • Jose Ramirez Perales


In addition, the exhibition hosted two artists who had passed away

  • Armando Josephin from Nicosia
  • Dr. Antonios-Kamal Emile Fakhoury from Limassol


The inauguration was attended by the Presidential Commissioner Mr. Photiou, Mr Efthimiou on behalf of the Minister of Education and Culture, Member of the House of Representatives Mr Diplaros , the Assistant Chief of Cyrus Police Mr. Kousioumis and Mr Mike Smith, Chief Officer Sovereign Base Areas, members of the Latin Community & friends



Event Photos:


Digital Heritage Research Lab Europeana

«Behind us is the memory of our fathers,
in front of us are the eyes of our children!»

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