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Latin Catholics of Cyprus
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6th Latin Community Newsletter

Dear Latins,

I would like to update you with the following news concerning the Latin community:

Recent engagements

a) With the Hungarian Parliamentary Friendship Group: Hungarian parliamentary members of this Friendship Group visited Cyprus and requested to meet with the Representatives of the Religious Minority Groups for an exchange of information regarding minority rights in Cyprus and Hungary.

b) In the Committee of Educational Affairs and Culture:† as a member of the Committee, I am participating in the discussion concerning a proposed new bill for private schools.

c) Meeting the Dutch Ambassador: I presented the Latin Community and we talked about minority rights.


Congratulations to Rev. Fr. Lawrence Colbavie on his appointment as Parish Priest in Larnaca. His contact details are: Tel 24642858, email: sanctamaria@cytanet.com.cy

Congratulations to St. Anthonyís Benevolent Society which collected Ä 3200 from their annual bazaar and lottery in Nicosia.

I am in the process of creating the Latin Community Womenís Association the aim of which is to promote the Latin Community through various activities (cultural / educational events, social contribution etc). I would be happy to hear from any Latin ladies who would like to join me and participate in the Associationís work.

The Latin Catholic Centre at Othello Street no. 9, Nicosia (near Famagusta Gate) is now available for Latin associations and/or individual members of the Latin Community. For obvious reasons its use will be restricted to the organisation of any event, exhibition, lecture and/or function the main purpose of which is the benefit and/or promotion of the Latin Community or any of our members.

In order to properly regulate the use of the Centre, certain conditions must be met. In general terms, they will include a written agreement between myself as Representative of the Latin Community and the Latin association or individual (the Organiser) whereby:

i. †The Organiser will pay the Centre a small symbolic† amount to cover some operational expenses e.g. cleaning, electricity etc.

ii. The Organiser will be responsible for keeping the Centre clean and returning it in the same original condition. Any damage to any part of the Centre shall be compensated by the Organiser.

iii. The Organiser is responsible for the safety of the eventís guests, exhibits, installations or anything else which belongs to the event†

For more information or to see the Centre, please contact my office at the House of Representatives tel† 22-407238 and email: amantovani@parliament.cy

Thank you for your interest and I wish you all a Good Summer holiday

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ęBehind us is the memory of our fathers,
in front of us are the eyes of our children!Ľ

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