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Saint Mary's School

The School of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, which was established in 1923, is a community committed to providing, through academically challenging curriculum and cultural pursuits, an environment in which students entrusted to its care gain self-confidence, recognize their self-worth and become life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Saint Marys School provides a unique learning environment from Kindergarten up to the 7th year of Secondary School. The School provides an academically rigorous and socially responsible education programme that commences in the Kindergarten and continues through Primary School right up to the completion of Secondary School. Our students are consistently given academic preparation and cultural experiences that are essential for their future employment or their post-secondary education.

Both the Kindergarten and Primary Schools are separated into two sections: the Greek Kindergarten and Primary School and the English Kindergarten and Primary School. The Greek Primary School follows the academic curriculum as defined by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The curriculum is further enriched by the teaching of two modern foreign languages: English and French. In the English Primary School students learn through the medium of English and are taught two modern foreign languages: Greek and French.

Saint Marys Secondary School recognizes the importance of modern foreign language to equip our students to succeed in todays challenging multicultural world. The curriculum focuses on students becoming fluent in four modern languages: English, Greek, French and Italian. This is balanced by a comprehensive range of science and commercial subjects. This common core of knowledge is developed in a safe, caring and disciplined environment which supports not only critical thinking and decision-making but the values of integrity, fairness and respect.

Graduates of Saint Marys School are responsible decision-makers who are ready to be productive life-long learners in a global society.


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